About Us

Our Mission

We open the power of innovative solutions, data-driven insights, and relationships to smash barriers in the healthcare ecosystem, so resources get to ground level where they amplify and accelerate the missions of community-based organizations to help people who need it most.

Our Vision

We seek to eliminate inequities by creating a movement of improved wellness, better health outcomes, and lower healthcare costs; collaborating with motivated stakeholders; and engaging with each person on the ground level.

Core Values

These guiding principles shape every aspect of our organization and how we interact with our partners, our clients, our clients members, and our employees.

  • Compassionate – To have a great ground game, we believe a passion for equity and relentless empathy need to guide every action and interaction.
  • Resilient – The most ambitious missions have challenging and non-linear paths. Resilience, agility, and diligence are crucial for success. We keep asking why – and why not.
  • Bold – Smashing barriers and eliminating inequity demands a fearless commitment to change and the courageous curiosity to question continuously.
  • Generous – GroundGame is a team sport. Full transparency and a fierce desire to give – knowledge, learning, experience, connection, and resources – will power the equity we all seek.
  • Joyful – We honestly enjoy what we do – helping people and collaborating with motivated stakeholders to bring our shared hopeful vision to life.