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Who is GroundGame.Health?

Discover how we help health plans tackle issues that might affect your health and well-being

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Why did I get a call from GroundGame.Health?

Did you get a phone call from us, but aren’t sure why? 

GroundGame.Health helps people who have health insurance. Your health insurance company thinks we can help you with things like finding a place to live, paying for medicine, getting rides to the doctor, or fixing problems at home.

When we call you, please take a moment to talk with us. We can explain why your health plan asked us to call, and see if there are ways for us to help you. And, if now isn’t a good time, we can schedule another time that works better for you.

Or, call us back at the number below. There is no cost to you!

Who we are

GroundGame.Health helps people get the support they need to be healthy. We work with health plans and local community groups all over the country. We help people sign up for programs they can use, and we teach them how to find and use helpful resources.

What we do

We can help you** with things like these:

Health concerns

  • Healthcare. Finding a doctor or specialist; talking to a Care Manager or Health Coach about health needs.
  • Social isolation or loneliness. Finding someone to spend time with and joining support groups.
  • Caregiving. Getting help with taking care of a family member and joining support groups.
  • Medical costs. Getting help paying for healthcare bills.
  • Medication costs. Getting discounts on medicine and help with copays.
  • Benefits and programs. Getting guidance on using benefits and rewards programs.
  • Childcare. Finding daycare or after-school programs. 

Life problems

  • Housing. Finding a place to live, either temporary or for a long time.
  • Home environment. Fixing problems at home like mold, pests, or heating.
  • Transportation. Getting rides to doctors and for errands like grocery shopping.
  • Food. Getting help with food and signing up for programs like SNAP and WIC.
  • Money and finances. Getting support with bills like utilities, rent, or credit cards; finding help with debt.
  • End-of-life planning. Finding resources for hospice care and planning for the future. 
We help you with these problems by finding local resources. After that, we connect you with these resources and make sure you get the help you need.
Our help is at no cost to you. We make it simple and quick — and we keep it private.**

“GroundGame.Health connected me with a discount program that made my prescriptions more affordable. And they arranged help with groceries when I needed it.”

— Sarah, 50*

An example of how we help

Maria* is a 45-year-old woman who speaks Spanish, and needed someone to talk to about sometimes not having enough food for her family. She also had trouble paying her rent and bills. 

GroundGame.Health connected Maria with Beth, who is a Care Coordinator. Beth helped Maria find a place nearby where she could get help paying her rent and bills. She also found a food pantry for Maria to go to. Beth even helped Maria join a program that makes her medicine cheaper.

Can we help you?

If a Care Coordinator from GroundGame.Health has called you, we’re here and ready to help! If you haven’t heard from us yet, we might still be able to help** — if your health plan works with us.

Complete the form below to find out more.

* The names of individuals and the details of their experiences with GroundGame.Health have been changed to protect individual privacy. 
** At this time, we only work with members of participating health plans. Details of the services we provide to you, where applicable, are reported to your health plan. 

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