ImplifyTM powers our innovative model
for closing gaps.

Our interoperable platform allows health plans and Community-Based Organizations to collaborate seamlessly to improve health and increase equity.

Take your
SDoH strategy
to the next level.

A Closed-Loop Solution for Health Equity

Secure Intake

Ingest complex, high-risk patient/member information with secure, bidirectional data flow.


Configure and track cohorts by demographics, geography, conditions, and risk scores.


Personalize outreach for each person and cohort based on engagement insights.


Customize assessments by cohort to tailor the member experience and maximize impact.

Action Plans

Configurable billing and invoicing options to support fee schedules, PMPM, and shared risk models.

Claims & Billing

in funding has flowed
from MCOs to CBOs
because of GGH.


Our ImplifyTM Platform Powers Change

Modular Digital Platform

Platform built for interoperability and easy integrations


Intuitive analytics and measurable value

Person-to-Person Engagement at Scale

Improved, more sustainable outcomes from accelerating resources to the ground level


A closed-loop population health platform that has been

For Health Plans

Help reduce costs and improve outcomes.

For Providers

Expand your mission and reach your community at ground level.

For Community Based Organizations

Amplify and accelerate your mission.

For Government Agencies

Improve SDoH on the ground level in the communities you serve.

For Employers

Reduce costs, lower absenteeism, increase satisfaction, and boost retention.

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