In Case You Missed #ViVE2024—Facing Reality: Most Healthcare Gaps Aren’t Getting Closed

What do we really mean when we talk about closing gaps in care? What health outcomes and regulatory standards should we hold ourselves to? At ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles, Sage Growth Partners CEO Dan D’Orazio asked GroundGame.HealthTM CEO Susan Rawlings Molina to discuss why meeting people’s healthcare needs and health-related social needs on the ground is so difficult, and the special combination of people and technology required to increase health equity in communities across the nation. In case you couldn’t see it live, here are some of the highlights from their conversation on the Impact Stage.

Helping People on the Ground

Listen to Susan share a real-life example of GroundGame.HealthTM closing gaps in care for a family—including the interrelated challenges that needed untangling, and the critical role of an engagement model that builds trust with people on the ground.

Amplifying CBOs

Susan and Dan also talk about how important it is for CBOs to have access to unrestricted dollars to sustain their operations and fulfill their missions. Susan explains that although CBOs and health plans want to work together, they aren’t structured for easy collaboration—a key differentiator of the GroundGame.HealthTM model that allows unrestricted dollars to flow from MCOs to CBOs, giving CBOs the funding they need and allowing MCOs to benefit from the value CBOs provide on the ground.

Technology—Combined with Human-to-Human Interaction

What’s the role of technology in closing the loop? As Susan explains, technology is incredibly important for enabling tracking, the flow of information, regulatory compliance, and efficient processes—and human-to-human interaction is still fundamental for making sure that people actually get the help that they need.

Looking Ahead 

How fast is the industry moving towards this reality, where gaps are actually getting closed on the ground? 

Susan shares her perspective from working with health plans, CBOs, and providers—and ultimately, the big picture vision for what it will take to move the needle here.

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