Closing the Health Equity Gap from the Ground Up.

Leveraging digital technology to help eliminate inequities in the US healthcare delivery system by removing social determinate barriers for humans who need help.

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What we do ?

We are the “glue” that sits between payers who wish to identify and close social gaps and the non-profit community-based organizations working on social issues day to day on the ground. Our approach seeks to bring together payers and communities who have the same health equity goal, but whose businesses leverage divergent approaches and struggle to improve wellbeing while working across fragmented systems in the healthcare ecosystem.

Are you a CBO?

We help you “close the social gap” and expand your revenue sources by connecting you with the right local providers.

Are you an MCO?

We aid upliftment of disadvantaged communities by helping you explore the right local networks for effective care delivery.

Our Digital+Local Model Empowers Communities

A Social Enterprise impacting the most difficult “last mile” of the integrated health care delivery system in the US

Putting well-being at the Center

GroundGame Health, along with partner agencies, addresses social inequities to improve health, where it matters, at the individual level

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Leveraging Technology

We use technology to facilitate end-to-end care delivery process for MCOs and connect CBOs that work on specific social determinants of health.

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Eliminating care deserts

We go the extra mile to enable collaboration between care providers and communities so that healthcare services can reach every individual in need.

Our Digital Platform
Closes the Loop

Transformation is a team sport. Our digital ecosystem enables collaboration between payers, providers, CBOs and members to Strengthen Community Health.

The GroundGame Impact

“Providing a wider reach”

We have been able to service a significantly higher number of people after joining the GroundGame network. With us connect with care providers is easy.

“Optimizing the Value Chain”

GroundGame has been instrumental in optimizing our value chain. We have reduced service leakages and know where and when services have reached to the very last person.

“Services without delay”

Me and my family have hugely benefitted since our care provider adopted GroundGame. Services for food, transportation and care have reached without delay.

Contact Info

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