Helping Providers
Lead the Way

Our platform and model help providers amplify their population health strategy and deliver the best care.

Increase access and improve outcomes for patients.

Our Innovative Model Powers Change

Our process helps providers collaborate with Health Plans and CBOs to deliver top-tier care.

Step 1

Complex, high-risk people
who could benefit from the
GGH model are identified.

Step 2

Our secure, bidirectional
platform Implify™ ingests
and converts this data into
referrals, including
actionable opportunities to
improve their health and
engagement insights.

Step 3

Implify™ intelligently routes
these referrals to local
community care workers at
CBOs for assessments.

Step 4

Community care workers work directly with the people who need help, fulfilling unmet social and care needs.

Step 5

Implify™ documents all gaps
that have been assessed, closed,
or require more

Step 6

Implify™ automates all the
billing for this work,
providing steady funding to
CBOs and demonstrating
which gaps have been closed
to MCOs.


Our Implify™ Platform Makes Impact Easy

Technology that serves your goals.

We designed our interoperable platform to serve the most difficult-to-reach healthcare populations. It has been HITRUST-certified and is easy to integrate with your existing tech stack. It also demonstrates exactly which gaps you're closing to improve quality, performance, and people's health.

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